Therapeutic Foster Care Training

The research tells us that children who have experienced early trauma in the form of abuse, neglect and repeated patterns of misattunement and not getting their needs met will experience stress that typically exceeds their ability to cope. This leads to children experiencing a heightened stress state, they then have to focus on keeping themselves safe rather than being able to develop in safety. This type of trauma is called developmental trauma, this is early trauma experiences that have an impact on the child’s developmental trajectory. 

It is important to understand trauma and the impact of adverse childhood experiences when looking after children who have had these experiences as they require better than ‘good enough’ parenting. They need carers who are able to understand how trauma manifests in behaviour and they need carers who can look after them using therapeutic parenting techniques.

Meadows Psychology Service offer specialist therapeutic foster care training

Here at Meadows Psychology Service, we offer therapeutic foster care training to those wanting to gain a better understanding of developmental and relational trauma and how this can impact children, and more importantly, how we can support children through therapeutic parenting techniques. Meadows Psychology Service will teach you the skills to look after and support children and young people who have experienced early trauma. 

What does therapeutic foster care training consist of?

Meadows Psychology Service have accredited, experienced psychologists and psychological therapists that are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches. Our expertise lies in working with care experienced children and we work through an attachment and trauma informed lens. 

We deliver both Foundations of Attachment and Nurturing Attachment training courses. These courses have been developed specifically for carers of children who have experienced early trauma. 

The training provided covers a range of topics, including trauma-informed care, attachment theory, therapeutic interventions and how to work with behaviour that challenges. We also introduce you to a therapeutic model for working with children and young people.

Those undertaking training are encouraged to look past surface behaviours and emotions, and delve into the underlying causes, resulting in a more empathetic and effective caregiving approach. Foster care training emphasises the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment, as well as promoting positive interactions that contribute to the child’s emotional well-being.

Additionally, therapeutic foster care training provides caregivers with tools to navigate challenging situations, such as helping children express their emotions in healthier ways and fostering resilience. The goal is to empower foster carers with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the highest quality of care for children with complex emotional needs, ultimately contributing to their emotional health and wellbeing development within a nurturing family environment.

Feedback from Foster Carers

“everyone should do this training when they start being a foster carer, it should be mandatory”

“I can’t believe the difference its made, I have been able to support my child to sit with a really sad feeling instead of trying to change it for them or fix it they needed to be sad and I was able to help them”

“learning about PACE has helped me with my own children too – I understand now what to do ad I feel much calmer when my child is really upset or angry”

“I have been helping my husband understand these techniques too and I have noticed the house is so much calmer now”

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Meadows Psychology Service has accredited psychological therapists who have the expertise in working with developmental trauma, to provide individuals and groups with therapeutic foster carer training. Our therapists are highly knowledgeable and specialise in working with early trauma Contact us today to find out more.

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