Psychological Assessments and Individual Therapy

We provide comprehensive psychological assessments and individual and systemic therapy for a range of presenting difficulties.

Psychological Assessments and Individual Therapy
About our service

We offer a range of comprehensive assessments for children, adolescents and families. These can include:

Our team of psychologists and psychological therapists are experienced in undertaking a range of psychological assessments which aim to develop an understanding of a young person’s difficulties. Information to inform the assessment is gathered from a range of sources (e.g., file information, observations and data obtained from appropriate assessment tools and may include more specialist assessments, such as:

  • Intellectual/cognitive assessments (i.e., WISC-V)
  • Complex risk assessments e.g., Harmful Sexual Behaviour/AIM3 and assessments of violence risk (i.e., SAVRY).
  • Assessments of Protective Factors (i.e., SAPROF-YV)

Why You Should Choose Us For Psychological Assessments and Individual Therapy

Based upon the assessment information, we will provide a comprehensive assessment report inclusive of a psychological formulation. This aims to provide the reader with an understanding of the young person’s current areas of need and provides recommendations and guidance for future support.


We also offer individually tailored interventions for children, adolescents and families struggling with any social, emotional or behavioural difficulties that are impacting their functioning such as:

  • Low mood / depression

  • Anxiety (i.e., general, social, panic, phobia)

  • Anger and disruptive behaviour

  • Emotional regulation

  • Self-harm

  • Harmful Sexual Behaviour

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Family difficulties

  • Loss of any kind

  • Attachment difficulties

  • Peer difficulties

  • Therapeutic Life Story Work

Meadows Psychology Services

Our MPS consultant’s reports and Therapeutic care Plans are extremely professional with one social worker commenting ‘The MPS consultant’s presence in the home is a huge strength and her recent report was outstanding’.

Meadows Psychology Services

I was delighted that our MPS consultant at Meadows Psychology Service, was able to offer her therapeutic services and support our company’s growth in what I hope will be a sustained partnership.

Meadows Psychology Services

Young Person A is eager to learn and progress academically and she has shown true determination over the last twelve months. With the correct level of support, namely from her current home and their therapeutic input, she has thrived. I would suggest that with this continued level of support, she will secure good grades in her final year.

Young Person A currently has stability in her living arrangement and high levels of therapeutic input from the in-house therapist and should [school] remain committed to supporting Young Person A, I am certain that she will prosper.

Meadows Psychology Services

Our MPS Consultant is really supportive of staff especially following very difficult situations that arise in this field of work.  All students that have sessions with our MPS Consultant do appear to be coping much better, we have seen a significant change.

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