Psychological Assessments in Educational Settings

With increasing numbers of children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties we are seeing the impact of this in our school settings and systems, the importance of understanding and addressing the psychological well-being of students cannot be overstated. 

Schools and colleges play an important role in promoting and supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of pupils and students and Meadows Psychology Service can help. 

Meadows Psychology Service offers a range of bespoke packages of psychological support to various education settings, including offering: comprehensive psychological assessment; psychological consultation and reflective practice individual therapy services, and trauma-informed practice training for the whole education team.

Psychological Assessments in Educational Settings:

One of the cornerstones of Meadows Psychology Service is its commitment to providing high-quality psychological assessments in educational settings, alongside its individual therapy services. These assessments are designed to delve into various aspects of a student’s psychological profile, offering valuable insights into their cognitive, emotional, and behavioural functioning. The company employs a diverse range of assessment tools, ensuring a holistic understanding of each individual’s unique needs and challenges. The information required for the assessment is gathered from a variety of sources and may include data and observations from more specialist assessments such as:

  • Intellectual/ cognitive assessments (i.e., WISC – V)
  • Complex risk assessments e.g., Harmful Sexual Behaviour/AIM3 and assessments of violence risk (i.e., SAVRY).
  • Assessments of Protective Factors (i.e., SAPROF-YV)

Direct Therapy:

Meadows Psychology Service employs a number of experienced and accredited psychological therapists working across education settings. MPS offer a range of evidence-based psychological therapies to support children and young people in education settings, helping them to feel safe, to develop positive coping strategies and to be able to attend to and engage in the curriculum. 

Trauma-Informed Practice Training:

Meadows Psychology Service recognises the importance of supporting education settings to work in a trauma informed way and be ‘trauma prepared’. We know that there are a significant number of children in school who have experienced adverse childhood experiences and developmental trauma which impacts their ability to engage in education. 

Meadows Psychology Service distinguishes itself by offering specialised training to education settings in trauma-informed practice. By providing training to educational institutions, Meadows Psychology Service ensures that educators and staff are equipped to recognise and respond to trauma effectively. This proactive approach creates a safer and more supportive learning environment, fostering resilience among students.

Meadows Psychology Service is a leading provider of psychological assessment and psychological services within educational settings, alongside our full suite of bespoke support and training packages. By prioritising trauma-informed practice, addressing ACE’s, we hope to demonstrate a commitment to fostering environments that promote the psychological well-being and academic success of all individuals. Through our multifaceted approach, we believe we can contribute significantly to the enhancement of education by nurturing the mental health and resilience of students.

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