HSB Training for Professionals working with Children and Young People

Supporting Professionals to Feel Confident Identifying, Discussing and Responding to Harmful Sexual Behaviour

Children and young people’s sexual behaviours exist on a continuum from developmentally appropriate to inappropriate, harmful, and abusive. Understanding where a behaviour fits on this continuum, and how best to support the young person/people involved, can be a complex process that can provoke feelings of anxiety amongst professionals. Our comprehensive HSB training package is designed to support learners to feel confident  in identifying, discussing, and responding therapeutically to HSB.  

Delivered by members of our specialist team and tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your service, our training draws upon up-to-date evidence on what works when supporting young people who display HSB. Our training encourages case discussions, interactive/ group learning tasks, and provides ample opportunity for attendees to engage in reflective practice.

Learning outcomes:

  • To understand what constitutes appropriate, inappropriate, or harmful sexual behaviour when considering the wider context of a child’s development. 
  • To develop an awareness of the possible risks and needs of children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour.
  • To understand what the research tells us about why a child might present with HSB.
  • To explore best practice guidance on what works when responding to and supporting young people who display HSB (including assessment, risk management and safety planning). 

Our HSB training can be tailored to professionals working with children and young people across a variety of settings, including:

For more information, or to discuss accessing training and support for your organisation, please get in touch via our online form.

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