Easter Holiday Activities

Children and young people who have experienced developmental trauma have often been exposed to environments which are chaotic, unpredictable, and unsafe. Developing predictable and consistent routines are fundamental to helping children to feel safe in their environment, and in their relationships with carers.

School holidays bring lots of changes to routines, and this can be a tricky time for young people who have experienced developmental and relational trauma. Investing time into planning for school holidays ahead of time can be a helpful way of supporting young people to adjust and feel contained. 

Tips for Building Predictability 

  • Agree morning and evening routines. These are likely to be a little different during school holidays, but they should be consistent and clear. A visual planner can help. We recommend working with your young person to make a planner together which best suits them and their individual needs. 
  • Remain consistent with mealtimes. You may wish to include these in your planner, too. 
  • Plan regular activity time, and how this will be used ahead of time. 
  • Plan meals in advance. You can allow for choice by planning options (e.g., “Monday: Chicken curry with rice, or spaghetti bolognese”).
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