Adoption Therapist

Adoption therapists play a pivotal role in supporting children and families involved in the adoption process. These specialised mental health professionals are trained to address the unique challenges and emotions that often accompany adoption, offering guidance and therapeutic assistance to those navigating the complexities of adoptive relationships.

How Does an Adoption Therapist Help?

One of the many roles of a specialist adoption therapist is to help children and young people who have been adopted, and their adoptive parents cope with the emotional and psychological aspects of the adoption process. Adoptees may grapple with a number of challenges and a range of emotions related to their adoption. Children and young people who are adopted may also have experienced significant trauma pre-adoption which can be supported through an adoption therapist.  

For adoptive parents, the process of adoption can be stressful and pose a number of challenges. Adoption therapists can provide guidance on attachment-building and help parents understand the needs of the adopted child, promoting a healthy platform for open communication within the family.

Providing Empathy and Informative Treatment

Adoption therapy is a specialised field, all therapists in Meadows Psychology Service are specialists in working with developmental and relational trauma which includes working with children who are looked after, fostered and adopted. 

Adoption therapists play a crucial role in facilitating healthy and supportive relationships within adoptive families. Their expertise helps individuals and families navigate the emotional, psychological, and practical challenges of adoption, fostering understanding, healing, and a stable foundation.

How Meadows Psychology Service can help

Meadows Psychology Service has a whole range of specialist clinical psychologists and adoption psychological therapists experienced in working with those who are going or have been through the adoption process. Our team of adoption therapists are experienced in offering emotional support and guidance to both adoptive and birth parents. 

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If you know someone that needs an adoption therapist, Meadows Psychology Service can help.

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