Adoption Counsellors and Therapists

Adoption counsellors and therapists play a vital role in supporting adoptive parents. They are experts in developmental trauma and attachment and offer wide ranging support to adoptive parents to help them to offer a safe, therapeutic, nurturing environment for their children.  

Adoption counsellors and therapists are trained in evidence-based therapeutic parenting techniques such as Foundations of Attachment and Nurturing Attachments and they apply the principles of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) in their work with adoptive parents. 

Adoption counsellors and therapists are often introduced when the child is presenting with some difficulties with emotional or behavioural dysregulation. Children who are adopted have often experienced significant trauma in their life pre-adoption and have experienced attachment disruptions. This can lead to children finding it difficult to experience safety in their relationships with adoptive parents. Adoption counsellors and therapists can support adoptive parents to develop therapeutic parenting skills to support children to feel safe and develop health attachments.

Adoption counsellors and therapists can work with adoptive parents on their own or with the child to support the relationship. 

How Meadows Psychology Service can help

Meadows Psychology Service has a whole range of specialist adoption clinical psychologists, psychological therapists and adoption counsellors and therapists experienced in working with adoptive parents and their children. 

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