Developmental Trauma Support for Children’s Homes

Meadows Psychology Service offers specialist developmental trauma support for children’s homes. The services we provide are tailored to meet the needs of both your organisation and your young people. Meadows Psychology Service works collaboratively with you to create a developmental trauma support package which will match the requirements of the young people you look after.

How can Meadows Psychology Service help with developmental trauma support for children’s homes?

During an initial meeting with one of our experienced consultants and the children’s home provider, we will identify the psychological support needs you to have and develop a bespoke package of support for your provisions.

Meadows Psychology Service has significant experience of working with residential children’s homes to develop them into therapeutic provisions. Our consultants have full knowledge of evidence-based therapeutic models and have an understanding of the needs of children young people who have experienced developmental trauma and are in need of trauma support.

The developmental trauma support Meadows Psychology Service offers are curated for children and young people who have experienced complex trauma. Each member of our team has been extensively trained to provide psychological input to residential children’s homes. Our team of consultants are dedicated to helping children’s home staff develop their skills in being a therapeutic parent, through bespoke training, reflective practice and specialist psychological consultation.

What else can Meadows Psychology Service help with?

Meadows Psychology Service helps with trauma support for children’s homes in a variety of ways including:

  • Embedding an evidence-based therapeutic model
  • Specialist psychological consultation to residential staff teams
  • Developing outcome monitoring systems
  • Reflective practice and supervision with managers
  • Reflective practice with staff teams
  • Bespoke training in response to presenting needs
  • Individual support to residential workers around specific therapeutic interventions
  • Supporting setting up new therapeutic residential children’s homes

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