The Children and Young People’s Mental Health: Improving Access to Effective Support Conference.

Meadows Psychology Service are looking forward to presenting at The Children and Young People’s Mental Health: Improving Access to Effective Support Conference.

An Introduction to Our Speakers

Dr Nicola Curran – Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Managing Director of Meadows Psychology Service.

Dr Curran began working with care experienced children and young people in 2002, when she began her career as a residential social worker. Later, she set up a pilot project at Manchester City Council for children who had experienced domestic abuse. This involved developing referral systems for children experiencing mental health difficulties, resources to support social care practitioners, and developing direct work resources for children and young people impacted by domestic violence.

Dr Curran’s next post was strategic lead for children and families in the 3rd sector in Manchester, where she supported third sector organisations to develop safeguarding practice and supported innovative partnership bids. During this time, Dr Curran supported the development of a partnership bid that was successful in receiving £1.3 million in lottery funding to support the children and young people of parents who had experienced domestic abuse, mental health, and substance misuse difficulties.

Dr Curran has extensive experience of working with complex developmental and relational trauma and has been an expert witness for Family Courts in cases where there is an extensive trauma history.

Ms. Bev Crosby – Senior Psychological Therapist & Strategic Lead for Meadows Psychology Service

Ms. Bev Crosby has extensive experience working with children in care and foster care services. She is a qualified social worker with significant experience of managing emotional wellbeing and mental health projects. Ms Crosby was the practice manager for Lancashire Councils emotional health/wellbeing team for looked after and adopted children. This included managing monitoring and reporting frameworks and supervising a multidisciplinary team.

Prior to working in Meadows Psychology Service, Ms. Crosby set up her own practice specialising in attachment and trauma, and working systemically with young people and their primary caregivers.

Her direct therapeutic practice involves using various therapeutic models based around attachment theory, through direct work with young people and carers or through a consultation model.

“Empowering the System to Empower the Child”

Dr Curran and Ms. Crosby will be discussing how Meadows Psychology Service works to empower the system around the child, and why this is so important to providing effective support for children and young people who have experienced developmental and relational trauma.

By introducing you to the case study of “Jack” and providing an interactive exploration of key concepts including ‘blocked trust’, intersubjectivity, Dyadic Developmental Practice, and relational repair, our speakers will offer an insight into their experience of prioritising work with parents, carers, and the systems around the child when supporting children and young people to heal from their early traumatic experiences.

Tickets can be purchased here.

The presentation will take place at 14:20. We also have a stand at the conference, so if you are attending, please do pop over to say hello. We look forward to meeting you!

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