Meadows Psychology – About us

Find out what approaches and values are at the core of Meadows Psychology Service


We are a specialist psychology service led by clinical psychologists with over 20 years’ experience across social care, NHS mental health settings and the private and 3rd sector.

Our sister company, Meadows Care, provide therapeutic residential children’s homes and offer specialist education placements. Meadows Care evidence significant therapeutic outcomes. We want to share our specialist knowledge of trauma informed therapeutic care, grounded in our understanding of attachment and developmental trauma to providers who want to develop specialist psychologically informed services.

Meadows Psychology Service specialises in working for the benefit of children, young people and families who have experienced developmental and relational trauma. We also have expertise in assessments of more complex presentations including those of complex risk.

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Our accreditations…


Meet our team

We are a group of specialist clinical psychologists and psychological therapists from a number of professional disciplines. All the staff team are registered with their appropriate accreditation body. 

We are based in the North West of England and the Midlands, but work nationwide. 

Meet Our Team
Our Approach

Meadows Psychology Service aims to support the development of trauma informed systems and practice, through the following approaches

Building Collaboration

We will look to build a collaborative, safe, and understanding relationship with you, which will enable you to build this with your children and young people

This will include:

  • Assessing your needs
  • Getting to know you and your systems
  • Being responsive

Holding Space

We will hold a containing space for you to reflect and explore the realms of working in complex systems with children and young people who have experienced trauma.

This will include:

  • Reflective practice
  • Protected time with you
  • Ongoing communication

Creation and Innovation

We will develop a bespoke plan for your service, that is trauma informed, and founded on evidence-based practice.

This will include:

  • Formulation
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Support
  • Supervision
Our value

Meadows Psychology Service embody the following values in our work


We notice, celebrate, and magnify what is working. As well as noticing and reflecting on our own or others resources, skills, strengths and positive qualities.


We are curious and reflective about our own and others social, cultural, institutional experiences and how these shape our assumptions, interpretations and beliefs. We encourage our teams to do the same, championing an environment where people feel safe to bring their authentic selves to the work we do together.


We are compassionate and seek to understand, care, and make meaning of individual and team experiences.


We work to integrate an array of knowledge and skills in relational trauma into therapeutic work, staff training, consultation, language, reflective spaces and leadership style.

Responsive and Adaptive

We recognise the importance of being responsive to both trauma and the needs of the individuals and teams.