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‘Our Safe Space’, our project delivered for Wigan Local Authority

Proud partner of Wigan Local Authority

‘Our Safe Space’, our project delivered for Wigan Local Authority

‘Our Safe Space’ is the name for the Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service for Wigans’ care experienced children and care leavers. The project has been funded by Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Meadows Psychology Service are proud to deliver this service, and have developed a creative, flexible and responsive service to meet the needs of children and young people who have experienced early trauma.

The name ‘Our Safe Space’ was chosen by care experienced children and has been chosen to represent how the service offer is providing a safe space for all who use it.

Meadows Psychology Service are providing an innovative mix of different service offers including training, therapeutic parenting support, psychological consultation, reflective practice, direct psychological assessments and individual therapy.


How To Contact The Wigan ‘Our Safe Space’ Team?

If you would like to get in contact with the Wigan ‘Our Safe Space’ team, please use the details below and a member of the team will be in touch.

Tel: 0345 216 1201

Email: oursafespace@wigan.gov.uk

Address: 99 Bradshawgate, Leigh, WN7 4ND

Services we deliver


We deliver a number of training and therapeutic parenting courses for foster carers who are looking after Wigan’s care experienced children.

Our two therapeutic parenting interventions are:

  • Foundations for Attachment
  • Nurturing Attachments

These evidence based, DDP Institute, endorsed courses aim to support emotional connection between carers and children. They offer safe and reflective spaces to support carers to understand children’s attachment experiences, how these can manifest in behaviours and strategies to support and enhance feelings of safety for the child, with carers who provide nurturing, responsive care grounded in an understanding of trauma and attachment theory.

We also offer a number of training courses to support different professionals understanding on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to): PACE, Understanding Attachment and Developmental Trauma, Self-Harm, Understanding the needs of Separated Children (UASC). We offer these in a responsive way to professionals when a need is identified.

Psychological Consultations

Our ethos at Meadows Psychology Service focusses on supporting the system around the child to offer therapeutic care. We offer psychological consultations in Our Safe Space to foster carers and the professional network. These consultations are spaces to explore any difficulties or presenting worries, to understand the child and what is going well. Consultations also offer a space for developing a joint understanding or psychological formulation of the child’s needs and recommendations for support.

Psychological Assessment and Direct Therapy

When clinically indicated we will complete comprehensive psychological assessments and offer direct therapy for children and young people. This will be based on the need of the child. We offer a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions including DDP, EMDR, CBT, CBT-T, ACT, CFT, TLSW, creative therapies (Art, Drama, Play) and Theraplay.

We also have specialist psychological therapists that can complete complex risk assessments when indicated such as AIM3 or SAVRY.

what is trauma informed practice in schools

Care Leavers Support

We offer a mix of support for care leavers, working out of the care leavers hub. We offer psychological consultation, training, skills groups and direct therapy to care leavers to support their emotional health and wellbeing.


We also provide some useful resources and videos to further support you if you are a member of one of our partnership projects. You can find these at the links below:

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Councillor Laura Flynn, lead cabinet member for youth opportunities said

Children who are in care and young people who have been in care have often had to overcome significant adverse childhood experiences and the impact of this could lead to longer-lasting emotional trauma if the right support isn’t provided.

“In Wigan Borough, we want to make sure that the right support is offered at the right time so that children can go on to have good mental health and form healthy relationships.”

“It’s fantastic to launch this new project in Wigan Borough and I’m really looking forward to seeing the difference it will make to children, young people, foster carers and staff.”

The ‘Our Safe Space’ Team

Dr Nicola Curran Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Director

Bev Crosby Strategic Lead and Senior Psychological Therapist

Dr Justine Rothwell Senior Psychological Therapist

Dr Hollie Cooper Clinical Psychologist

Clementine Ryan Psychological Therapist

Kirby Eccles Psychological Therapist

Becca Harland Psychological Therapist

Laurel Plater Senior Assistant Psychologist

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